1. Sorrrrrrry

    I haven’t been posting because I have been super busy in Nebraska meeting lots of people and seeing fantastic shows! I will post as soon as I get the time about all the crazy ass things that has happened this week.

  2. i can’t take this seriously. freshman who had a baby this year. lawl.

    i can’t take this seriously. freshman who had a baby this year. lawl.

  3. AW <3 lolz like omgg <3.. really? shut up.
another silly facebook post I saw on my newsfeed. gotta love em.

    AW <3 lolz like omgg <3.. really? shut up.

    another silly facebook post I saw on my newsfeed. gotta love em.

  4. Skillz

    New skills I want to learn this summer:

    1. How to cut hair
    2. How to beatbox
    3. How to give a legit massage
    4. How to DJ

    I hope I can accomplish at least one of these this summer since I will be at camp and well, anything can happen there.

    12 days until I go home to frenchwoods.

  5. Lady Gaga, I just really love her.»

    thanks ben for posting this on someone else’s wall that showed up on my newsfeed. 

    I love how I take pleasure in watching men singing a capella covers of lady gaga songs. i really do.

    this one is top notch though

  6. thisfeelslikeanightmare:













    holy shit, when she said “luda” i had soda in my mouth and almost choked! she scared the shit out of me!

     this actually makes me wee

    this is for anon

     oh. my. god.

     ho-ly shit.

    This is brilliant.


    why is this not on youtube so i can freak out my friends via facebook?

    I am actually dying, this made my bieber fever grow like 20 times more.

  7. senior from hell

    what really makes me angry is when people are just flat out mean. I can be mean sometimes but mostly its in a silly way. I am going to rant about a certain person I really dislike for many reasons now, but its not just that person, its the kind of person that he is. 

    I respect seniors completely in my school, especially in thespians. I know they have gone through everything I am going through and more, but they actually got through it, so I really praise them. Unfortunately, there is one who just has gone too far, too many times. He is a very talented tech person and of course I don’t deny his talent because he has a good eye and he does great technical work. Again, very talented. Although to be talented in my book you have to not only have talent, but you have to be an overall nice person and have a decent amount of modesty. This person, does not. He is flat out mean to people younger than him because he feels like he can. He makes rude comments about people behind their back and speaks nastily when he is around them or talking to them. It’s horrible. I often call him out on it, which is why I am on his bad side, but I don’t mind because I like sticking up for my friends who are his victims

    What bothers me the most is that he talks about our directors and parent helpers in horrible ways, which is just really disrespectful. I don’t care how many times they have yelled at him or if the rehearsal ran late or if they look weird. It is NOT okay to hate on the directors that have given you the opportunities that got you into the college with the scholarship you have. He makes fun of peoples parents, ones that have done a lot for the show and him and I find it uncomfortable and gross.

    The best part about my ranting is, I have told him this and called him out when he says horrible mean things. I encourage everybody to do the same. If it means getting on one person’s bad side, but helping out 5 when they are victims of rude comments, I think it’s worth it. Don’t you?

    bad attitude, nasty comments, and making lower class men feel like they are worth nothing, cancels out every single ounce of talent you have.

  8. I wonder why

    I have so many facebook friends. I probably only really talk to 10 percent of them, so why am I friends with them on facebook if I never talk to them in real life?

    Oh right…I stalk a lot.

    My senior year of high school I am going through and deleting everybody that I will never see again, and it will feel fantastic.

    really? 1,215?

  9. (via postsecret)
this explains my life.

    (via postsecret)

    this explains my life.